ModelViewer is a simple mesh or point-cloud model viewer software designed by me. It can load files of the following file formats: OFF, PLY, ASC/XYZ, CloudCompare BINv1 and Bundle OUT.

The details of the support for the file formats are as follows:

File Format Read Support
PLY Limited (with vertex positions, vertex normals, vertex colours, vertex scalars, faces, face normals, face colours, face scalars (both ASCII and binary)) **
ASC/XYZ Yes (with vertices)
CloudCompare BINv1 Yes (experimental)
Bundler OUT Yes

Although the first version was written by me in the year 2012, I still use this software very often. The original idea of writing this new software was to develop a very simple viewer that has the following features:

  • can quickly open 3d models of the popular file formats,
  • full-screen support,
  • light-weight and portable.

Some of the notable features of the resultant software are the following:

  • direct full-screen mode support,
  • complete keyboard-shortcut support,
  • stereo rendering mode.

While some of the features were never tested and some are disabled, one significant drawback of this viewer is that it uses the old legacy OpenGL rendering pipeline. Since I developed this software for my own use, I never felt the necessity to use the modern OpenGL pipeline later. However, I believe that it will still be useful to others.

The Windows installer for version ModelViewer 1.4 can be downloaded from here. While I haven’t built a Debian package yet, I hope to share one soon.


* The OFF file format that is used here is more precise than the original version. The face colours are ignored if vertex colours are available. The following specifications are used:

First header line Vertex properties (in order)
OFF Only vertex positions.
NOFF Vertex positions and normals.
COFF Vertex positions and colours.
NCOFF Vertex positions, normals and colours.

** The PLY file format is only read in the given order of the vertex and face properties.

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