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Want an easy way to capture raw 3D data from the most popular Kinect Xbox depth cameras? KinectCapture is here exactly for this purpose.

Kinect Xbox is the first of its kind that broke the world record as the fastest-selling gadget and is still widely used in computer vision and robotics applications. A number of programming APIs is available for using it. However, one needs to set up those APIs and write computer programs to actually use them for capturing raw 3D data. KinectCapture is a user-friendly front-end 3D data capturing software for Kinect Xbox. It is available for free. Built on top of a modified version of freenect API, it comprises of a simple and easy to use interface.

User Interface

The user-interface consists of the real-time depth and rgb/ir display with optional histogram display for rgb/ir. The menu consists of ‘Load Program’ item to load a valid program. The lower end of the user interface contains the Write Depth Register, Write Colour Register, Run program, Brightness Set input options. Other options include configurations for setting data saving locations, communication with a turn-table, etc.


This software comes with a number of features. Amongst them, the most useful one is its programmability. One just needs to write a simple text script and it can capture all infra-red, RGB colour and depth images after fixed intervals. It can handle multiple Kinects simultaneously (limited by the available USB bandwidth). Although it is still in alpha stage, unlike earlier, the latest version (0.6.0) stores the captured data in a compressed format FNK3 which saves storage space more than 50% of that required by the earlier ones. The software also packages a 3D raw data viewer. The 3D data can be easily imported into a Matlab environment using the scripts that come with it.


Installer for the latest version 0.6.0 can be downloaded here. Matlab scripts to import can be downloaded here.

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